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Cascina Belcreda, GLUTEN-FREE organic food.

CASCINA BELCREDA is a newly established company with head offices and production plant located in Rimini.
It is fully owned by business partners having matured extensive experience in the fields of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and dermo-cosmetics.
All products made and marketed by CASCINA BELCREDA are “Made in Italy” and must be registered or notified to the Italian Ministry of Health. To address mounting evidence from the world of medicine and science and from the population, CASCINA BELCREDA is industrializing a line of gluten-free diet foods specially for gluten intolerance sufferers and is planning to develop an innovating type of food that can be synergically integrated with lipid-lowering, hypoglycemic and low protein treatment. Our mission is to effectively improve the life quality of specific groups of the population, ensuring correct scientific information aiming at increasing the use of high quality, efficient, clinically tested and validated, microbiologically safe products produced in sites approved by the Italian Ministry of Health.

Italian organic products naturally gluten free

Our history began many years ago in a farm named Belcreda, in the western district of the Po valley, the land of grat Italian rices. We produced the famous Carnaroli rice, called “The King of Rices”. An organic rice. Our challenge was Organic Agriculture. Today the products of our farm have gone a long way. And our organic challenge is going on on.

- Manure of animal or vegetable origin
- No chemical treatment during the farming
- Only mechanical tools against weeds
- No chemical or fungus killer treatment during storage
- Rotation of cultivations to enrich the soil by organic manure


Organic Agriculture was only our first step. Our second, fundamental step was offering a complete range of organic and gluten-free products to the market of alimentary intollerances, and in particular of coeliac disease: a big market, indeed. And a very increasing one. So, nowadays, near by our rices, naturally gluten - free, we offer a wide range of Italian pastas: rice, corn and buckwheat pastas; and a remarkable number of salted and sweet products, from crackers to biscuits to single dose cakes. Moreover, the intriguing Belcreda Gourmet range: Carnaroli rice with flavours, and tomato sauce with different flavours for our Italian pastas. Cascina Belcreda organic gluten free products are ready to face the most exigent connoisseurs.
And don’t forget the last born: Extravergine Olive Oil.

But, and this is the peculiar “plus“ of Cascina Belcreda, our products really taste good. Because in them we put all the Italian taste joined with the care of health.